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Chokers - Price Of Eggs In China


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Okey Chokers, thought like the fuel thing a while back, lets see waht we are paying for our Smokes in diff regoins of the orb etc.


I now smoke a brand call Horizon ( was a JPS man 4 many years - Economics forced a change)


I smoke packs of 50 @ $18.75 that equates to sterling 7 Pounds & 50 Pence per pck.


What U lot payin these days & in your corner of the world ?

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20 Regal King Size £5.18pence. Can differ up or down a few pence depending if you shop at the supermarket or the Corner shop. Got about a 1,000 from spain in august for £1.25 a packet, What bugs me is on these spanish fags is, Made in England. :blink:


RIP OFF BRITAIN. :angry::angry:

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That works out @ Oz $12.96 a pack for 20. again fluctates a few points here dependant on corner shop or supermarket etc.


However, a pack of 20 here ( even @ corner shop) is around the £ 3.40 Pence mark or $ 8.50 Australian. ( I only buy when there out of 50's on occasion)



Uno been here a few now & you do become localised ina round about way.


I have been complaining @ the prices here now im localised as smokes went up again not so long ago.


However, you do forget some times when wrapped in your local cocoon & theze threads are pften a good eye opener & refresh 4 myself.


So Down under we are paying a third or so less for Petrol & quite a bit less for smokes.


Funny that they be the poor mans essentials & luxuries eh.

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I nose a few lads that smoke what they call " Chop Chop " Blackmarket, free range rolly backy.


They pay $50 for a Kilo. ( say 20 quid)


However, & most importantly the stuff is EVIL, FOUL, PUTRID, HARSH, & has been Cured over a deads camels corpse ( soemthing many dont realise about Oz - Fukin heaps o wild Camels)


Has got me fooked how they can smoke the shit on a permo basis.


A few Puffs o that shit & even the most hardcore dedicated Baccy man is questioning him self.


Dont mind a rolly & am all fer saving some coins... but thats just silly.

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