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End Of An Era

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One for the 'Old School' Link sent by my brother who now resides in NY (since 1988) so after years of supporting the Blues has not had to witness our relative demise first hand. His last game before emigrating was Newcastle away on Boxing Day to witness a 4 - 0 win (Power, Steven 2, Heath if I remember correctly).


Anyhoo, can't agree that the commercial money has been all bad but found this quite 'touching'.

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Queued for ages to piss into an overflowing dustbin that passed for the mens toilet at Loftus Road back in the "Good old Days." Sorry to get all romantic on you....have many good memories but you can't put the genie back in the bottle, it's a different ball game today for better or worse. Nice vid though and anything anti Murdoch has value in my book :D .

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To be stood in a crowd of 60,000 blew me away, there is no way on this planet I could ever go back to terraces.


It was great to be involved in huge crowds, but safety is paramount.


I have my memories and they will keep me warm until the day I die. Let's move on though eh?.





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For the last 5 or so years I've had the luxury of jumping out of a cab at the Park End at 5 mins to 3pm (or 5 mins before the Sky designated kick off time) so have not always appreciated the new ground debate as the Park End is kinda nice and new. However, went for Blackburn tickets today and walked down Goodison Road and Gwladys St, and well, the place is a shit hole.


To be honest I was disgusted at how bad it looked, couldn't someone at least clean the iron shutters which looked like they'd been caked in shit for months. There was a family from America there taking photos, (at least 10 of them) and a couple of Chinese lads and I have to say I was embarrassed at the ground and the surrounding area.


I always thought Goodison could be resurrected but now believe a new ground is the only answer.


Hate the thought though of us half filling a 50,000 stadium in line with Boro/Blackburn/Wigan.

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We have certainly lost something from the game...yet we have gained safety!.




Incidentally, I would love to get my hands on the seat monster at Goodison who shaves of a millimeter of my seat after each and every home game. I know it is probably me getting fatter...but I'm surely not alone in asking for a seat slightly larger than a house brick in the new stadium?

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