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Rs V Barcelona

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I'm not disappointed. Of course, we could have got a much better draw but then again we did beat Juventus and Chelsea over two legs en route to the finals in '05, didnt we? Also, Rafa knows spanish opposition inside out and we're good enough to beat anyone over two legs.


We'll be in 'underdogs' mode again, one which we're quite comfortable in. Bring on Barca!

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The group stages of the CL are all about winning the home games.


The knockout legs include home wins and a draw away from home (scored draw would be even better).


There is only so much needed to do. We play them at the Nou Camp first. If we can somehow eke out a 0-0, we can beat any team at home.


I definately see where you're coming from, Mac. They are the favorites and have the better chance of going through. But its not that we have no hope. Its actually a 'Been there, done that' case with Benitez. 2-1 at Anfield and 0-0 at the Delle Alpi. 0-0 at Stamford Bridge and 1-0 at Anfield.


I'm not shitting myself, thats for sure.

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thought Barca have stumbled occasionally this season, in Europe i think they've looked great, only problem was Chelsea, but that was a mind game that they didn't win (should have just played their own game, as soon as you get into battle of words with Jose there isd normally only one winner) but at the moment they seem to be getting back to top form in the league.


if i was a supporter of any team id be worried by that draw, i dont think the RS could have done any worse

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I take my hat off to you Xav, your last post made some sense to me, but the "somehow ekeing out a 0-0" away at the Nou Camp is a very big ask of your side.






Its a huge ask for any side. If on form they're probably the most freely scoring side in the world.


But when playing against such great sides you will have to give 120% to get something out of them. So if it takes more than 100% to beat them, so be it.


Our chances look bleak, but we're not no hopers. They might be clearly the better team over the course of a season, but we've proved that over two legs we can be as good as, if not better than any team there is.


In this draw i was hoping for any team but Lyon and Barcelona. Lyon scare me to death! they're a very good team.


i dont think the RS could have done any worse


Lyon! :D

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I'm not going to say anything about this, or even attempt to offer a score, they have an uncanny knack of surviving in this Competition. I thought they would go out at every stage last time but went on to win it, with unbelievable goals by Gerrard, and some Miracle come-backs.


Think Rafa has bought his team to play in Europe, which is why they dont do as well as they should do, in the hurly burly of the PREM.

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Your jokin, I thought they lost all the finals theyve been in (switches reg mode off)

Where is Reg? I miss him!!

Seriously don't write 'em off, I know it's a cliche but I was one of 'em posting at half time two years ago (how I've regretted it since). I personally think if they play the right game and get the element of luck required (which with them is a given) they can beat anybody. I wont be celebrating until early March (hopefully)!

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The way i see it i'am not that pleased that the RS have got Barca .


Reason being that normally against the better sides ( as per the 2005 RS triumph ) the RS usually perform a hell of alot better than against a poorer side a'la Benfica .


At the end of the day if you want to win a trophy then you have to beat the best side wether it be in the final or in the second round so the RS have got a peach of a draw .


Hope to chirst Ronaldinho runs em ragged but not too sure the result will go the way most are predicting .


Would be very happy to eat large portions of humble pie though if i'am wrong . :P

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Guest once-a-blue!

Time to worry about ourselves after woefully giving away the lead twice against Chelsea and eventually getting beaten.What the f... was Carsley doing? We all moan about Liverpool and call them stuffy gets but would they have walked away with nothing if they had been in the same position as Everton today against a defensively weak Chelsea? Lets face it after all the moaning and winging we couldn't even beat a very average Spanish side to qualify for the group stages when we had the chance. Is it any wonder that they regard us as the laughing stock when we start indicating our delight at the fact they have drawn Barca. All I can say is I wish it was us!

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:sleeping_02: hmmm sweat dreams......


Champions league final mancester untited vs liverpool

0-0 for mins of injury time

96th min gerrard get caught dweling on the ball gives it away to rooney

evryone is sucked in and sissoko comits and does not get the ball

therefor evryone is sucked into the ball and rooney slips it through to ronaldo

who by the way is a clear 5 metres offside, ronaldo slips it through raina's legs

to celebrate the goal rooney and ronaldo toss there shirts in to the liverpool fans and give them shhhhhh finger on lip geastures.


:devil: thats a final!

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