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What About A Chatroom?


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If this has already been suggested and turned down, please forget about this idea.


I know that TT is primarily a forum, and chatrooms dont count posts...


But, I thought it would be a nice feature to have attached to TT as members would then be able to take part in 'live' discussions during the game, maybe while listening to commentary or watching a streaming game.


I have a free chatroom on my website, hosted by Parachat. Okay, it does not have any real moderation but this can be added for a small fee.


I know I am still only a new member, and it may well have been an feature of the website in the past, but I just thought I would open the idea to the forum. Incidentally, if the mods and admins agree, everybody could use my website's chatroom if they wish as I have recently redesigned my website which i will be launching in the new year.


Just a thought...


Thanks all



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Andy, we had problems in jacking that one up, well Louis did. Louis did a big revamp on the site and a few gliches were encountered, he and his Admin have done good stuff to get it sorted.


PM Pat about "a slice of toffee" and I am sure he will sort it out for you.


Alternatively a lot of the lads speak to each other on MSN, it's not the same as TT but you see a different side to them, and Andy keeps beating me and Tara on the games. :angry:





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