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Is It Me..

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I agree...


It just does not have a christmas feel at all this year.


I think that the biggest part of the problem is the shops and stores which start selling crimbo stuff late August, early September. It takes the sparkle and enjoyment out of, what should be, the best time of the year.





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Or dosent it feel like christmas at all??


Can be far enough away for a ll i care tbh



You're right mate but for me its probably because me and the mrs split up 3 months ago and its the first xmas in 4 years that i've been single .


Feels strange without a xmas routine but the lads are rallying round and getting me out on the lash all the time now to take my mind of things .


Bless em . :)

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i havent felt tht way for a few yrs tbh.... its just a corporate holiday ... now i know that may seem a little harsh .... anyway settign aside that its the birth of jesus and all that

my parents spenda few hundred on me and i spend like 50 or somethin on them, i get presents back they get presents back...at the end of if no-one breaks even....ok we get presents but fuck i may have a few nice gifts but im not poor for the next month or so .... and theres all the shops in town sittin on their highest profits of the year....the best bit about christmas is gettin lashed and seeing all ur faimly.... but this year everyoen is spread across the place for me, and gettin pissed isnt going to happen more than like twice because ive already spent my damn loan on presents

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you should make the most of it before all the PC maniacs ban it.


Fuck me they're going to ban prawn cocktails now? This is too much :angry: !


Talking of that, there are talks of it not being called Christmas anymore but instead changing the name to the Winter Celebration. What a load of shite.


Christians stole it from us pagans in the first place, and they are a minority group so I say ditch the God thing and call it Excessmas...sums it up perfectly IMHO :D .

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another thing that makes it less christmasy this year its not exaccly freezing outside really, i mean its cold but not freezing, no frost on car windows, usuall is, not been loads of rain where i live, yet there usuall is. i agree that the shops put the xmas things out far too early, maybe late octoer start advertising stuff but not all what they do.

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Have got more festive the closer its got. Getting out n about all the stores n shite, Kids beaming like chesh cats, excited, counting down.


1st seasonal hang over this fine Oz morning ( a good one 2) a bit squidgie eyed still , but that's all part of copius levels of Beer drinking territory.


Stopping home this year & have but 1 more quick dash to the shops 2 day , then Its lock the cars & throw away the keys 4 & kick back fer a few days.



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