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its double standards give cahill a 3 match ban and shearer nothing what a load of bolloxs the f a need to review this stupid rule plus dont the f a have the power to over rule the ref if not the refs r allowed to look at red cards incidents afterwards and cancel them if they decide they have made a mistake so surely this ref can look at the shearer incident again

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The luck has been against us this season!!  :lol:


The thing that annoys me the most is that Cahill lashed out after he had been hit and then babayaro hit him again - so why is tim getting a ban - he just defended himself - if it happened on the street, then the police would not have acted upon it. It isn't bringing the game into disrepute, it isn't setting a bad example to kids (the bowyer/dyer thing was 10x worse - but did they get a 30 match ban?)

The police arent getting involved and it lasted all of 30 secs - the referee thought that it wasn't serious enough to take action at the time.


The arguement for CCTV, a 4th official and goal line technology has ran for sometime and met severe opposition from within the FA - yet the FA then go and use it to charge someone and then ban them...


Double standards galore - or could it be that the goal line technology will cost money, whereas the reviewing of a scuffle will make them money because they will fine both players and clubs....hmmm, i wonder.


Shearer is obviously not only GOD in newcastle - but also at FA HQ.


Bunch of wankers.

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to be honest it was nothin more then a little scuffle, fuck all action should have been took as it was delt with, the fa are obviously bored so they thought they wud stick there oar in....positive 3 match rest :lol: ...as long as we dont suffer then it mite be a blessing in disguise

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I think what made it worse had to come down to Tim. I know he was annoyed but he really shouldn't have kept up his charge on the ref!


he was so intent on getting action taken when it really had been an equal scufel. babayaro pulled cahill as they went in but it was tim whoose fist first hit babyaro's. then babayaro gave a pretty determined whack back.


If tim had calmed down and not been throwing his own team mates off of him so that he could get at the ref and at babayaro he might not be in this situation.


sometimes when I see tim playing I wish he'd just calm down a little as he can be his own worst enemy at times.

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