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Mcfadden: Put The £2million To Better Use


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McFadden: Put the £2million to better use

Everton striker James McFadden wants to save the

club a fortune and become the clubs middle man.

After a sparkling show alongside James Beattie

on Sunday, McFadden believes the £2million

rumoured to be going to sign Preston hotshot

David Nugent when the transfer window opens in

January could be put to better use.

McFadden said: "I know the boss stated he is

going to buy a striker in January but that is

eight games away.

"There is still a long time for me to try and

perform well and prove myself at this level. If

the manager brings in a striker that's good,

because it is extra competition — if that's what

we need, then that's what we need.

"Personally, I was pleased with how things went

against Newcastle. I've said for a while I

prefer to play as a main striker. I enjoy it and

I thought Beatts and I did well. Hopefully, that

can continue."



2m wouldnt be to bad what do people think of him?

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He played alright against the Skunks but i would hardly describe it as a 'sparkling' performance for fucks sake lol !


Had a couple of good efforts and should have finished better

My opinion is that we should still give him a chance and STILL sign a striker - if you think about the strike force - there is hardly competition for places - hence the lacklustre response - although they were much, much better against the skunks.


I still believe that BT will come good - but he needs a far more reliable partner than James McFadden. Or James McFadden will have to improve immensely over this season to convince me that he is the man for the job...


I think that a nice poacher such as Nugent or Robbie Keane would be perfect for us - just what we need - I personally would rather spend £6m on Keane than £2m on Nugent - just because of the premiership expereince and the fact that Keane would see out his contract - whereas nugent, if any good, would look for a move to United or Arsenal...

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Guest fozzie22

Had his chance,not done anything,time to look elsewhere tbh


And given his (non) goalscoring record i think its a bit rich calling him a strlier

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