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Cahill - Banned!


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By the letter of the law and in my opinion yes. Even though he didn't start it if it was the other way round we would argue that the other guy should have been banned as well.


The annoying think is that the twat in black and white that is one of the dirtest players I have seen once again gets away with it.


And if you can't work it out its Shearer.

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theres always been on rule for shearer..always


As I have said - Shearer is not only GOD in Newcastle - but also at the FA HQ...


Its a joke - I agree that you cant lash out during the game and that if Babayaro gets a ban then so should Tim - but Big dunc has been banned for less than what Shearer did!


Plus - shearer got away with it coz the ref said it was dealt with during the game - well what was the talking to Baba and Cahill then - was that NOT 'dealing with it'??



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