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New Head Of Finance


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Everton Football Club wishes to announce the appointment of a new Head of Finance.


Martin Evans, formerly Finance Director of La Tasca Group plc, will assume the role at Goodison Park with immediate effect.


Evans, aged 40, was heavily involved in the growth of La Tasca from a base of two restaurants into a nationwide brand.




Founded as recently as 1993, La Tasca Group now operates the largest casual dining Spanish restaurant chain in the UK and Evans also contributed significantly to the establishment of a subsidiary group in the USA.


Everton's Chief Executive Officer, Keith Wyness, is delighted with the appointment.


He said: "We are very happy to welcome Martin to Everton Football Club as he undertakes what I feel certain will prove to be a demanding but rewarding challenge. He brings with him experience and a wealth of new ideas"


Evans himself is looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead as he makes the switch to Premiership football.


"I am delighted to be working for one of English football's great clubs at a really exciting period in their history," he said.


"I appreciate the challenge that lies in wait for me is a tough one but with continued hard work I am sure we can equip this business to compete at all levels."

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I hope he does make an impact on the finances of the club...as well as doing away with those crusty, slightly frozen, scouse pies and those rank hotdogs!




a different company runs the catering in the stands, but the scouse pies are still great, not as good as two years ago with the old caterers thou

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In all fairness, the pies are not that bad, albeit I don't eat them that much.


However, I was running late a couple matches ago and didn't manage to get anything to eat before the game, therefore I opted for a hotdog just to fill a void in my stomach. I wish I hadn't! It was absolutely awful. The meat was hard, the bun was stale, although the watery tomato sause was okay. I will never eat another one at Goodison again...and put to that matter, the burgers are not much better. Reconstituted dog meat IMO.



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I know how you feel, I had a hot dog in lower gwladys once.. I bit into it, it burst and I was left with a normal sausage with a lot of saggy skin. It tasted awful. To top things off I accidently dropped it and it rolled down under the seat in front of me.

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