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1 Quick Q...time


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Not An Everton 1...but an Interesting tid bit.


Only Side in any English top flight division that do not have an AWAY strip.





Half spoiler..This side has never ever been in the Top Division.


Full spoiler..comin soon....(Perhaps if no 1 can get- sure sum 1 will no though)

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Top flight divisons has always been the top 4 professional divisons..in my circles mate.


Meaning the old 1,2,3,4 & now I suppose Prem,1,2,3.


Never been in the prem or the old 1st div..cant give any more clues or it's 2 easy a gimme...... :D

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Is this a trick question Pat.


Plymouth Argyle......because they play all their games at Home. (Home park) ??


If its not , then i will have to get my thinking cap on. :D






Name me a league team who never play at home. all games are away.

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Thought it might be Plymouth simply because they play in green so have no need for alternative kit but it's not..also Yeovil play in green (must be something about the south west), must be a trick of some sort..unless Strangeways sneaked a team into the league while I wasn't paying attention!!

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Ha it is a tricky that has adapted over time...After some further research...The team, involved READING wear The House Of WINDSOR"S colours..i,e Blue hoops & white..& were by royal decree exempt form having to lower or change the royal colours.


However & as mentioned in prev Post...It seems that the modern game has put a somehwat end to this decree of yester year.


Changed due to an empahsis on merchandising & modern day revenues the fact an away kit is a big money spinner..Reading now have I believe a Blue & Silver away kit.


So they dont apparently have to wear 1....but....Cha ching!!!...makes sure they do...!!!

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I got the Info from a source called Football x culture...dont forget wikpedia is am open source encylopeida of which any 1 can contirbute to...


Go to Everton in wikpedia..go to links & ule notice toffetalk & Born 2 bne blue are the 1st external links ( well were)...hehehhehe..I did that..& bumped all the other sites down the list..hehehe.


Sorry Lickerl...yeh mate they are nicknamed the "ROYALS" & the way they are tarvelling look good for a 1st ever Top div campaqign.

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