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Wright In Goal?

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I don't like to knock the lad too much but it worries me to death that if Martyn is out for a few games our good run will come to an end. It seems to me everytime he plays the defence drops off ten yards as they have no confidence in him. If that happens against the granny shagger he'll rip us to bits :D

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no no no no no no f***ing chance in hell should wright be in goal i take your point toffeelicker it will be a lot of pressure for turner but the same can be said about wright and we all no wright is shit under pressure plus look at yesterdays match wright was on the pitch for about 2 mins and he dropped the ball and if he does stuff like that against the mancs we will get stuffed big time like we did against arsenal with wright in goal plus i cant even remember last time we won when wright started a game?

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I'd rather sign Paul Gerrard on loan for the game than play Wright. The Arsenal game last year highlights my point perfectly we just drop off to the edge of the box and defend to deep. The defence is so worried that if someone gets in behind them its going to end in a goal. I hate slagging the lad but his decision making on when to come or not and commanding his penalty area are woefull.

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