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Fa Cup Draw


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It would be the last place I would want to visit as a fan as well. You know the senario, prem team, lets show em ow ard we are


Didn't it all go off last year when the RS played them, they were singing hillsborough song


Aren't you down that neck of the woods Adam. Fancy it :huh:

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This game will not be about football trust me! Theres gona be fighting all over, all day with our history and their current league position it will take a brave fan to travel to milwall without the protection of numbers.


If anyone is planning on going steer well clear of the tube and dont go in a car! Theres been bad blood between the two clubs since several milwall were cut badly during one of our past meetings!

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Guest fozzie22
well no one's mentioned it yet.


we're away to Millwall.


Definately a winnable game, Millwall aren't playing well this season at all.

Tricky tie this,id have sooner have had a PL club..


A banana skin of a game thats for sure.

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Say theyve cleaned up thir image & fan abse these days dont they?..>well of course theuire gonans ay that...Hope they have as...


We got chased by a group of National front short haired types, after a visit to the old Den in the 80's as a teen..LOL...Big Brave wannabe Scallies we were to...And did the Natural.


Hence the term chased...Ran for our asses..Waving to Linford Christie as we came steaming along side for a moment before leaving behind kinda high tailing it..!!!. ...


Oh well we coulda been heroes...Just not that day.


Trying to remeber who played for them then.,Miclintock, Hurlock, Cascarino perhaps or was it the other lerch Harford ?.


Arghhh & of course a Young tear away lad upfont..Teddy Sheringham.


They were very Wimbledon from recolection back then.



Expect TC will want to Impress also.


Not to many fury ties reallya re their...this is a poss sticky.


And also read that it is the first time in " 77 YEARS " an all top div tie hasnt come out of the hat.

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Guest fozzie22

The den was the only ground i ever felt unsafe at tbh.


All the other "hard man" grounds i found the fans to warm and welcoming,but at the den,i got the impression they wanted to cut my nads off and have them for dinner. :P

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