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The gossip column (sounds a bit feminine, rumour mill would suit)


Everton manager David Moyes is looking to dip into the transfer market with the signing of Brondy (?) defender Daniel Agger. (news of the world)


**This is the Agger of denmark international centre back fame???**




Edgar Davids and robbie keane have been embroiled in a brawl at spurs' training ground (various)




Roy keane could be set to return to old trafford as soon as saturday... but this time he'll be playing for Everton (news of the world)




Agger has been linked with a few clubs now, although tommys glowing reccomendation of us and kroldrup being here could mean there is substance to this claim.


Keane falling out with jols big summer signing and team captain(?) could be the final nail in the coffin of his spurs career. he has made it plainly clear that he isnt happy at spurs, with being left on the bench, so the door could be open for a raid.


As for roy, i dont reckon its on, but stranger things have happened.


Would robbie keane fit in upfront for us? he isnt the quickest, and what would it mean for beattie. bellamy showed yesterday that raw pace can create/find chances, and although i wouldnt want quasimodo at Goodison, a lightning quick striker would be suitable.

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We was linked with the defender last year (along with the RS)


Keane I thought would end up at Madrid but with the sacking of the manager you don't know.


He was meant to make his mind up this week.


Keane and Davids both played for Spurs on Saturday, however don't know if they talked to each other or anything???

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