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Can't help the name I was born with, I am registered as L_Blue so as not to confuse you old timers there is not much more that I can do :) It does seem odd tho I don't really know many Adam's in the real world must be something about being an Everton fan and being called Adam.

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I would love to get into internet gaming, although I have a couple of problems with is.


I only have a PS2 and I just do not know how to set it up...

Can PS2 owners play against owners of other console manufacturers?...

Does the internet connection run through my PC ISP?...

etc...etc...etc...too many questions with simply, well, unresolved answers.


I lost interest very quickly. Therefore, I play Grand Theft Auto, by myself, try to finish the game, and enjoy it! When I do eventually finish it, which I probably won't, I will buy the next one..


most like in about 2042!



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definately...GTA is awesome. To be honest, I usually just dick around on it, police chases and shooting down helicopters, trying mad stunts, etc.etc.etc. Basically, just wasting time whilst drinking huge amounts of beer!


I know never to drink and drive too...I am useless when I have had a pint or two!



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Add me if yas want to Sauron22 :P tbh I think GTA is shit the free mode is so boring and the campaign is too. Saints Row 2 is going to be awsome ;). I think i'm getting Rainbow Six Vegas 2 don't know though as Unreal Tournament 3 is meant to be quality. Fifa 09 is going to be quality as long as Everton have got a good rating on it .:P

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Hi Guys,


A couple of things. Afters months and months of moaning from my mates to get on xbox live I finally done it over the weekend.


Played my first game on line last night of PES 2008 against one of them but thats about all I know.


I know you can download games and demos and films and music but how do I get about playing other people as he invited me to play a game.


There are also ranked matches you can do so am guessing this is like a table think and have to work your way up the table but can you start playing that straight away.


Also how do I get my gamer tag onto here like other people have got

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