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How Would You Feel If Efc Played Eye Of The Tiger?


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As a one off on sunday? Amused? Embarrassed? Angry? Not Bothered?


Personally I'm not bothered, the pre-match runout has already been ruined with FAPL theme.




Agreed, the FAPL theme is pathetic...I don't get what that is about. The players spend hours warming up and stretching off, only to stand out there, during the winter months, while a pathetic Europe-Final Countdown rip-off theme tune is played. I would rather it was never introduced to be honest.


Anwway, for Eye Of The Tiger theme, it may be cheapening of the club to be linked directly to the premier of new Rocky Theme, but what harm would it do.

I think it would be a bit of laugh and little lighthearted.

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lol...we did run out to Z-Cars, but as the hype suggested, we did play the Rocky theme for a couple of seconds as he came onto the pitch...was kind of cool too.


It was only supposed to be a little light-hearted I guess, and certainly lifted the crowd before a dismal performance in the first half!



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