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Yea, I Know, I Want One!


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With the risk of sound like Andy Pipkin, I WANT ONE!




Rumour has it that the ipod will be as good as extinct within 24 months, and most will have converted across to the new Apple iPhone.


At the moment, I have the o2 Orbit....



...but the specs and info for the new iphone looks something else. Bet your bottom pound, that this thing is going to cost a fortune, and is likely to only work on one network for a long time, but it looks so neat and tidy and smart.





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nah, probably not...my o2 seems to have about the same amount of technology when I REALLY need to make a call.


Mobile phones are great...nice objects to own...until you have to use on in an emergency, only to discover you don't have a signal.


All this said, I still think I will put my name down for an iPhone.



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Im steadfsatly anticipating the I-Rod - Goes fishin 4 ya, cacthes, guts n cleans fish, leaving filleted in flour with a hint of lemon grass & sage on a plate in fridge so the Mr's thinks one is an absolute legend the next morn & ive infact spent the entire prior evening punting down the Dog's.

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