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James Mcfadden

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Guest fozzie22

Now i know the reason faddy is shit..


We come out to z-cars dont we??


I'll ring BK this afternoon and get the flag slug to change it to YMCA,he'll be better than rooney then.

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I reckon Its all Bulls**t to be honest, theirs no way that he wouldn't come out if he was a bender. So you should all sort your heads out and concentrate on what he does on the pitch, not off it. All this bulls**t is probably the reason why he's playing so inconsitently because his head is f**ked up off everyone thinking he's gay.

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Guest fozzie22
Just a wind up stememd from a silly Question Mate.


Most of us couldnt care what his social persuasions are.


Each to his own...& Actually Is most likely rubbish.

True,lol,and yes gay,stright of just plain purple,Faddy is shit in all colours to be brutely honest

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