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Slice Of Toffee


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Sorry folks it aing going to happen just yet.


I Sincerely apologise for the false dawn. It was 2 be a project during the expected lull of my xmas / summer holidays.


However, One had too good a time & never got remotely near even starting. Again I do apologise.


For those not in the initial loop etc, A slice Of Toffee was going to be a Private P2P F/Share network, consisting of TT members & close allies etc.


We had plenty of ineterest & would indeed be an awsome concept if put in to play.


A private hub to share whatever with trusted firends & fellow blues etc in a safe, private & non public manor.


Had even sussed out some software that would have been perfect etc, except I am back @ work now & the load I have arrived back to is going to be very demanding.


So if some ( only need 2 be a bit) young or Tech savvy Member with a little time 2 spare wanted to take something like this on...That would be Top shelf stuff.


I simply dont have the time right now, but as always would be happy to assist & dib in when could etc.


So Any takers give me Pm or wahetver & who knows, the sky can be the limit & as I mentioned initial interest from The many Reg's in reagrds to such was very positive.


Cheers Pat.

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It's Pats pet project (try saying that ten times fast :lol: ) and was set up, very early stages, through messaging Aaron and it's by invitation only...but I'm sure the invitation is extended to all the regulars when he (or someone) sorts it out. I'll PM a link to the site...but there's not much to see at the mo.


(Love that song on your Myspace btw)

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