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Rocky Balboa...


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I've just got back from a preview screening of Rocky Balboa at the Printworks, Manchester. Okay, firstly, Sly is now 'one of us!', ;) , so I was always going to be a little bit biased, however, despite the'cheese' of it all and a somewhat slow beginning, once it got going it did pull on my heart strings a little, and the fight scenes are very very realistic and well put together. The cinematography is also very good and draws you in, but not half as much as when the theme song starts during the fight...


I'm not going to spoil it for those who want to see it, but for those who are a little on the fence and undecided of whether to go to the cinema and watch it...just go. If nothing else it is entertaining. I recommend it anyway! lol



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I'v been watching the box set all week getting myself prepared for Friday night when about 15 of us are going to watch the final installment of the Italian Stallion.


I dont care what anyone says Rocky is one of the best series of films ever, not for quality film making but for pure entertainment!


I wonder how many people all over the world took up boxing after watching a rocky film?? I did! :D

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Apparently BA Baracus was going to be a commentator on the fight but pulled out last minute. Shame.


I also heard that Mason Dixon was going to be played by 50cent to entice younger people to the rocky series. Thank goodness he didn't get the part.



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I mean, yea, the story is a bit lame, but then, what do you expect.


The director had to make a movie out of a 20 minute fight sequence...therefore, it was always going to be a bit slow at the beginning.


Goldfishmemory was spot on with this comment "I dont care what anyone says Rocky is one of the best series of films ever, not for quality film making but for pure entertainment!". It is pure entertainment IMHO!



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I polished off the box set last night watching 4 & 5 and I'm raring to go, theres about 10 of us going the pics after a few games of 10 pin bowling and alota pints :D


Come on people what in your opinion is the best Rocky film of the lot?


I'm going for Rock IV!


It's got the heart ache of Apollo dying at the start then the classic Balboa (against all odds) training routine where by the way he looks fookin impressive doing those pull ups and lifting Adrian, Paulie & the black fella (who's name evades me) up sitting on the little horse cart. Then theres the mid 80's hype around all the technology used by Drago during training it cracks me up that a close up of a flashing light is seen as good film making!


Then theres the fight scene classic Rocky any other human being would get knocked out in the first round but not Balboa he's on his arse & back up again like a baby learning to walk. The best bits have got to be Ivan Drago speaking,


"I must break you"

"he's not human, he's like a piece of iorn"

"Until the end"


All in a naughty Ruski accent but its absolutly classit when he picks up the politician with one hand and holds him in the air, looks like he actually did that too!


One thing I noticed watching IV & V last night was when Rocky go's to Russia they leave the big house with the marble pillars & staircase & when he returns at the start of Rocky V tey live in a country farmhouse type building plus his kid has changes actors to Stallone's real life sone who looks a good 5 years older, did they think we wouldnt notice?????


I finished both last night at 10:30 and wanted to go for a run but went to bed instead all hyped up and thinking I'll go back the boxing gym next week ^_^ ^_^

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There's a split in the camp all the lads who aint seen the previous 5 thought it was shite whereas all us Rocky fans saw it for what it was and were happy that it tied up the story.


I left the cinema with a big smile on my face after being devastated at the opening scene.


My advice is if you have seen the previous 5 and fancy one more outing with the Italian Stallion and a trip down memory lane then go see it, if you have never been bitten by the rocky bug give it a miss and perhaps buy all 6 in a box set on DVD and educate yourself later on!


I had a quality night 3 games of 10 pin at the local mega bowl with money on the final 2 which I won one & lost one. Several 4 pint jugs of lager and then a brief "help yourself" at the odeon sweet counter before a thoroughly enjoyable film.


Goodnight one and all :D

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