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ill dble bracket so it doenst try embed something but nothing here mate so ignore the round brackets in code etc.


Seems to depend on how the medium is set up etc, scripts, permissions etc as how 2 imbed in differing domains etc.


However for here it is LOL evrytime i put tags in LOL even tricking them its spits it..Stuff it ill upload a shot - given up on the rounded bracket plan :)




You then put the last part of youtube link in between code brackets i,e this vid above is PlSuEZ2x5hQ


You take the code after the = sign in youtube link i.e http://youtube.com/watch?v= MX_d4OP17RE - We take the last part in bold after = sign.


We then end up with between the youtube tags MX_d4OP17RE


Hey presto & Bob's ure Aunty.


I found it wouldnt work until I registered & had a you tube a/c also.


Hope that helps, turned in to a bloody mission damn tag's...Any furthers gives a shout mate :)

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