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The Merry Go Round


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Talksport this morn suggest that...The Shiote's Dribbly Cisse may well end up in north london & in white in January.


Adding further fuelto the poss of Robbie K leaving..he saying he staying.....but... Cisse would surely on top of everyhting else drive a further nail in to the keane Spurs coffin.


A local oz footy site ( sourced via reuters) also reported that Anti niemei is far from pleased with all the shennanigans @ Soton.


Whilst the Mirror reports Moyes has a struck a near 2mill deal wif Madreed for 1 TG..however, they say Tommy needs to be convinced.


They also say Nugent is as good as got.

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I can't see Grav's coming back to be honest. We are not bad in the middle of the park to be honest, so I can't see spending £2M and big wages on him being a priority at the minute.Both he and Everton have moved on to be honest. He had a cracking first half of last season with us, but to be honest over the full duration of his term with us he did blow a bit hot and cold. He is on massive wages now, and it will be tough for Everton to come anywhere near them. What will be his drive to come back to Goodison. Thanks for the memory


We all love our Cahill, Arteta and Neville and over the last couple of games I have thought Davies is starting to show his true form after a poorish start. (largely down to shin splint problems and settleing in time), VDM is also going to improve as he get in to the pace of the Prem and match fit.


With Carsely and Osman as decent back up I feel we have 7 players ranging from excellent to good there, we also have Bent, Kilbane and McFadden that can slot in on the wing if injuries get really bad.


Defensive cover is reasonable at present, although it will be nice to have Valente and Ferrari fit again, and don't think this will need any reinforcement in January


Up front I think Beattie, now he has had a run of half a dozen games on the bounce in looking good upfront for us. He really is the first line of defence, is working hard and is starting to give opposition defences problems, once he has got his eye back in I also think we will see more goals from him.


But at present our back up front is lacking a bit of quality and PACE, McFadden is now getting the forward role he wanted, he has looked a lot better this season, but I still feel he needs to move up one more gear if he want to be considered as one of our top three strikers come the end of the season.


Although, he will improve our squad, I am not convinced Keane is the answer, I would like to see Moyes take a punt on Nugent in January, he has shown some class, is pacey and is only 20. If he found wanting in the Prem, then we should go all out for AJ in the summer.


If we can get the £2M for Bent that has been banded about, then I would take it and take another gamble on Trundle.


Beattie, McFadden, Ferguson, Vaughan, Nugent and Trundle as our strikeforce come January for me.


I think our main area for improvment/reinforcment is in goal - I think I am speaking for everyone when I say we sh1te it on Saturday when Martyn went off.


The sooner Wright is of the books the more we can relax. His confidence is shot for me, neither the player, the manager or fans have faith in him. I think it would also do Wright good as well.


I would say and Martyn is getting very near the end of his shelf life. Cudichini as a first option and if not joy with him then Nieimi.

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