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A Century Ago Today...


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The legend that was Dixie Dean was born 100 years ago today. I was impressed, as I was waking up a short while ago, as I flicked through the usual Everton related websites, that I saw Everton had marked the day with a redesigned homepage, honouring the genius.




If only we could pull another Dixie out of the bag and let him loose. Was not there to see Dixie, but having read articles and features on the man, he was a very imposing and influencial player.


Just thought it would be nice to have a thread to honour him here too.



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"If ya No ya history" - some shorts ->


Dixie Dean is the only English player ever known to walk off after a England v Scotland game to a standing ovation at Hampden.


Whilst on a end of season tour in Nazi Germany, Dixie seeing all that was wrong under this tyranny refused to salute Adolf Hitler and told his team mates to do the same. The first sporting team ever to do so.


Dixie would walk into his favourite pubs around Walton and Scotland Rd and buy all the old folk a drink.


The great American baseball player of the time, Babe Ruth, whilst in London made a point to meet Dixie to shake his hand.

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ive been reading and hearing a lot of these stories today, good old bill sounds like the mohamed ali of football to me!

gutted to never have seen him play, gutted never to have met the man (dave hickson is a close second to me thou) but today i feel especially proud, im sure we all feel the same thou.


(and im still disgusted that the media didnt cover this. wasnt even on itn/granada/local news)

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Holy shite...never heard this one before!


Revered for his sportsmanship as well as his burgeoning talent, he was never once booked or dismissed – despite the kind of provocation which once saw him lose a testicle in a match.


:o ....(even though he was still with Tranmere at the time) just :o

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