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Davies Talking To Fulham


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Thing is if you are able to get most of your money back on a player who has for all intence purposes floped - then you have got to take it.


Just never happened for Davies at Everton - If we have Fernandes on loan and given how well Neville puts crosses in I have no problem with Neville/VDM/McFadden/Osman/Arteta playing right midfeild.


Although, we have a small squad £3M in the bank for a £3.5M player who has flopped is not a bad move in my opinion. Never see that money in the summer for him.

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Without a doubt


We need more than this Fernandez kid


Hope something going on that we dont know about


It's gone horribly quiet at the moment....worrying but the Lescott transfer was the same for days and that turned out OK in the end so gotta keep the faith (drops to knees and prays to God, Allah, Buddah, Dixie and any other supreme being who may be listening).

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