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The Medical Team Is In!


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I have booked the PC for the night (the kids can bugger off). I have my wine selected and a few choice nibbles and Sky Sports News will be on in the Living Room.


Rob, you missed the last one and it was great, and even if we don't sign anyone it is still a good crack with rumour and counter-rumour.





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Ive just been for a jog and went past bellfield as eaton road is part of my usual route, there dis seem to be a lot of activity, all the light were on and there were a few cars with people in on the road outside (guess they might be journos), they probably have someone from each paper outside all the top clubs


Anyways , im off for a shower

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hopefully, lets all pray to god,


our dixie who is in hevean,

please give wisdom to david moyes, its not his fault hes shit at transfers but if you could make him make us happy then we will be forever greatful. please make him sign a few decent players please


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Im sorry but 4 out & 1 loan deal in, is just not good enough & to me is a signal of our intension to be a mickey mouse middle of the table team, at best.

Whats worrying me now is what sort of signal does this send to our better players? Cahill & Arteta etc, will not want to stay at a club going backwards.

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Well the missus came in before, got a cob on becasue I wouldnt watch Desperate housewives and has gone to bed to watch it


So, Im putting in a shift


come on blues and moyes, fooin suprise me for once you jock bastard (I like you really)

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Its seems very quote on news sections.


Just checked News Now and there nothing new on there.


And if the sites that are on there haven't got any then we don't have any choice.


that is me done for tonight.


Am of to bed to watch a bit of tv but will most prob keep flicking over to Sky Sports news to have a look but honestly think that is it.


The last few years have stayed up and not been any late night shopping so maybe if I don't keep checking on the next then something might happen.

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