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Goodison Forever


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i would rather stay at Goodison



Do you have some connection with Goodison Forever


I personally would like us to stay in the city, whether that be at a re-developed Goodison or other ground


I would prefer to re-develop though

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people have said before that we missed our big chance with the kings dock, and i have to agree with that.

but there are still more dock/water front space we could possibly use. but i guess if we go far enough down then we might be close to bootle, maybe outside the city boundaries again.


i love the old lady, and id much rather build, or ideally on the park but that wont happen coz we play in blue.


if knowsley can provide whats needed, apart from being with in a line on a map, then im still positive about it. if our shiney new tesco dome can apeal to investors and players then it could be a great thing.


the only things in certain of is that;

a) we need better financial backing in the club

B) we need to appeal to the prawn sandwiches more than we currently can

c) we need to appeal to customers 7 days a week, not just match days

d) we need better fascilities for all customers, from kids right up to multi millionaire sponsors

e) we need to stop falling behind more than we already have (newcastle & man city have better fascilities than we do ffs!)


i can see a mud slinging kicking off between the club and the councils soon thou.

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I didn't know you could get Radio Merseyside in Wales. What's the reception like? Do you listen to the phone ins between 7 and 9?



the reception is not bad at all, altough i do listen to it over the internet these days so it is perfect, i try and catch the phone in's when i can, it is sometimes difficult as i work nights

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Listen on the internet also from time to time, and StevO..


Eisteddfod dwi'n credu mai dyma'r tro cyntaf i un o bapurau newyddion Llundain gael tudalen flaen yn cyhoeddi pa mor dda ydyw bod Cymru yn mynd i ddarparu presgripsiwn rhad ac am ddim, ac yn chwarae ar genfigen yn Lloegr gan ddweud pa mor braf fyddai byw yng ghymru Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.


...is it clear now?

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