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How Pathetic Are Our Neighbours?


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I have felt for quite some time now that there was some kind of conspiracy against Liverpool. The very mention of conspiracies has people subsequently raising the 'paranoid' issue.

Too many things though have happened which I just cant explain as coincidence nor 'one of those things'. Many years ago there was talk amongst the higher echelons of English football of ways to counter Liverpool's dominance. Some suggestions back then were a points handicap or even that we would start games 1-0 down. Of course these were just rumours and the FA never considered the possibilities. Or did they?


The need to handicap Liverpool dissipated after the Hillsborough disaster. Part of Liverpool Football Club died that fateful day. Some of the players and especially our King Kenny never fully recovered. Our decline started then. I have often wondered whether Hillsborough was some kind of master plan by the FA and government to hurt Liverpool Football Club. That suggestion sounds preposterous and is most likely untrue. But the facts are there that the FA had Liverpool play at a ground where disaster was waiting to happen.


The same thing occurred years earlier with the Heysel disaster. Again we had the higher echelons of Europe looking to scupper English clubs. England was the undisputed country back then in Europeans greatest club competition. With Forest, Villa and Liverpool all claiming the top prize in succession Europes top brass couldnt wait to slap a ban on ALL English clubs. Considering what has gone on since no other country has faced the same banning order. Clearly UEFA were looking for a way to ban Enlglish clubs. Maybe the poor ground and ease with which Italians were allowed to brandish guns in the ground was all part of their master plan to get English clubs banned.


Again this sounds ludicrous. There is no way that UEFA nor the FA would sacrifice human life in such a way. Is there? When I think back to events leading up to Heysel and Hillsborough some things give me genuine reason to consider it. Especially when there appeared to be some sort of cover up after Hillsborough which hints at government involvement also.


Its not just those two events in history which have me thinking of hidden agendas and possible conspiracy theories. There have been numerous occasions when the FA have jumped on Liverpool's case where Man Utd would have gotten away with it. Vice Versa Man Utd have set precedents with playing weakened sides and pulling out the FA Cup whereas Liverpool would have been heavily fined or even more severely punished had they been the first club to play a weakened team.


Liverpool ask the FA for a fixture move and it is denied. Any other club asks and they are granted. Liverpool are forced to enter the World Club Championships this year ensuring they cant play Sunderland at the designated date and time. The result is that Sunderland sue Liverpool for loss of TV revenue. Do the FA dismiss this out of hand? No. They are still considering it. Had we been Man Utd or Chelsea then the FA would have backed them without hesitation.


Of course the hidden agenda's are not just with the FA. The lowlife, filth that pass as journalists are just as bad. Even the television side of journalism are at it. Yesterday Peter Crouch scored a perfectly legitamate goal. Sky television couldnt wait to give full recognition to the goalkeeper. Yet John Terry is credited with a goal even though the player on the line stopped it on the line and then knocked it over himself. There appears to be a massive media agenda against Liverpool.


The past two seasons have seen specualtion upon specualtion about Steven Gerrard moving to Chelsea. The media had all but instigated the move. They didnt bank however on a local lad finding it too hard to leave his boyhood team. This past summer Steven Gerrard committed himself to Liverpool. I havent seen anything other than a happier player plying his trade. Steven Gerrard looks pleased to have finally addressed the issue and can now get on with things. Yesterday he showed again that he is a major driving force in the Liverpool team.


Imagine my surprise then when I hear there has been suggestion of a rift between Gerrard and Benitez.


http://home.skysports.com/list.asp?hlid=33...id=2&title=Rafa :+No+rift+with+Gerrard


Surely not? Benitez has finally started to get his ideas through to the players. He is finally started to acclimatise to the English game. Gerrard is playing well and looking happier. The look on his face when he said we would be signing exciting players in January was that of a man who is involved and happy.


Yet the shit stirring media arent happy. Why? Because for the first time in a long long time Liverpool are beginning to look like genuine contenders for the title. Forget Evans or Houlliers teams. They were inconsistent and had a softness to them. There was too much of the big time charlies about Evans team. Houlliers teams were too one dimensional and there was no real strength in depth. Injuries proved this. Today Liverpool look more complete. We still lack proper wide players, defensive cover and a prolific striker but those could be addressed as soon as January. Steven Gerrard certainly appeared excited by the imminent singings.


Liverpool are up to third and playing better controlled football. We are defending very well and scoring goals. Something therefore needs to be done to derail or unsettle us. The applecart needs to be toppled. So a manufactured scare-mongering story regarding Gerrard goes to air the very next day after Gerrard was MOTM and Liverpool had moved into the top 3. Coincidence? I dont think so. The media have clearly got an agenda against Liverpool. We are not media whores like Chelsea and Man Utd so we will never be afforded anything but contempt.


I may be reading too much into this also but I dont think its any coincidence that the Gerrard unsettled story is being aired just 6 months from the World Cup when Steven Gerrard will be holed up with Fat Frank for a few weeks to work his head turning magic. It nearly worked during the European Championships and the media will be hoping this time is for real.


Maybe I am being paranoid. Maybe I am reading too much into things.


Then again maybe I'm not.



Nothing is their fault is it the wankers!!

And they wonder why we hate 'em. :D

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Quote.... "We still lack proper wide players, defensive cover and a prolific striker"



Along with every other club in the country.!!. Poor pea-brained RS tossers, oh how my heart bleeds for them, every bastards against them. :(:D:D .


On a serious note, I find that anyone coming out with that idea must be sick in the head, so it could have been any one of the 750.000 fans thy've got, cos they are all doo-lally. :D

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