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Is This Weekend A Good Time To Play Man U?


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I would say the disapointment of last nights exit from Europe will still be at the back of the Man U player minds the next time they take to the pitch.


I personnally think this weekend is probabley the best time to face them.


OK it could be argued that they will want to put in a good performance and 'bounce back', but history suggests that 'bouncing back' is easier said than done, as so many teams get hit with a bad result in the league straight after major European disapointment.


Still wouldn't have us down as favs or anything like that, especially with the Arteta and Cahill missing, but I would say we how have a better chance of getting something from the game. Especially, if we get at them early on.

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I certainly think it is a good time to play them, we all know that confidence breeds confidence, as I have previously said, the pressure is well and truely on them, the vultures will be circling.


And they certainly aren't the team they used to be


Lets get stuck right into them, they dont like it up em

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theyve done a lot of travelling too coming back from portugal, our lot should be nicley rested and well up for the game, could be 5 wins in 6!

also with van the man out and the general dejected feeling going all around old trafford it could just be time to pull one out of the hat


12/1 on an Everton win anyone!

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:lol: - i think that he means Rowlo...


Anyway - United will be too stong for us - especially as we are missing Cahill and Arteta.


They are not going to have van Horse but they still have several other options.


It will need a once in a life time performance from Osman and Kilbane in order for us to get anything from the game.


If I was Moyes though, I would be having VDM on the right as O'Shea is a bag of shit and the crosses will come from that side.


If Valente plays, it will make up for Kilbanes lack of pace - as they play well off each other.


Would like Neville in the middle of the park to sure things up against Scholes...


Lets wait and see - but as I have said, i think 3-0 United and the little fucker known only as Shrek will pop one in! :huh:

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As I mentioned, indeed we won't be favs on Sunday, but I just feel its to our advantage that they got dumped on there ar5e in mid-week.


They will get a mouthful of AF, but to be honest I don't think the band of players he has got now will respond the way the team may have done 3 or 4 years ago.


Frustrate Rooney on Saturday, and you could see him losing it. He will have 'stewed' nicely over the past couple of days, so playing Everton may just make his head go on Sunday. I really fancy him for a red card if enough 'abuse' is directed at him. I am sure the Everton defence will be well breifed on how to wind him up and frustrate him.


Everton need to frustrate United and in particulary Rooney on Saturday - Step up Phil Nellive - a player the United fans I would imagine give a generouse reception. A good performance by Neville would also help wind up the United camp.


I must admit as 12/1 underdogs, strange to think I am actually looking to us playing United this weekend.


What odds on Rooney getting a red card I wonder - anybody know?

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I think we all know Utd are a one man team these days so we have to put the shackles on the fat twit from the start.I'd play Neville just in front of the back four and get him to pick Rooney up every time he drops deep, he can get stuck in there. It used to scare the shit out of me when Pistone or Naysmith were up against Ronaldo so hopefully Valente can come in at left back he should know abit about him being Porteguese.


It'd be 4-5-1 for me Beattie has started to look the dogs bollocks upfront as he's got fitter and if we need him stick Big Dunc on to put the shits up Ferdinand.


1-1 for me.

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Guest Reg Reagan

Man Utd played shit on Wednesday nite... if they play like that than i am sure we can still beat them 2 or 3 goals!


but lets not under estimate this Man Utd team as they may bounce back from the shitty performance in europe and they are a pretty hard team to beat at old trafford but hey... the red shits have beaten them there before and so can we...

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