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Everton Vs. The Shi'ite


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well its our biggest away game of the season, would love a repeat of the last derby but lets be serious we are going to be underdogs in this one.


if i was to predict a win for us it would be 1-0 a cheeky penalty with arteta converting


but my real score prediction is 3-2 to them. with tim cahill twice for us, he has a nag for scoreing agasint them.

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Thats it I'm spitting my dummy and deleating my account :angry:


Maybe not I'll just bask in my optimism when we win :P


Everton will start well and it will look promising then carsley will try something slightly technical and give the ball away which will give liverpool there first.


or bt to kick start his shabby career and score 2 goals for us 2-0 to the toffees ..



ok which one is more likely ?

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cant say im holding my breath for a good result, however with a decent signing things could change, but the chances of that happening are slim/


if aj was fit then we could have got a good draw, without it could be tricky. Though it also depends on what type of team benitez puts out, i was supriesed last time wiht him fielding fowler and crouch... though after a 3-0 drubbing their going to be after our blood.


this one could get messy

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"Come on people where's the faith???"



Up in the Boardroom with BK. I think we are asking a bit too much to win this one.


BT will not cause them any problems, AJ hurt, Davies sold, scraping the barrell to put any sort of team out.

And dont forget we have to play Spurs first, lets hope we get no more injuries. :mellow:

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I am AMAZED at the DOOM AND GLOOM and real lack of any belief


We are down to the bare bones???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Is howard injured?

Is Stubbs injured ?

Is Neville injured ?

Is Cahill Injured ?

Is Arteta Injured?

Is Yobo injured ?

Is Lescott Injured ?

Is Beattie injured ?

Is Carsley injured ?

Is Osman Injured ?

Is Vaughan Injured ?

Is Anichebe Injured ?

Is Naysmith injured ?

Is Van De Meyde injured Er probably


What has changed from the rest of the season, most of the above have played most of the games


We are not a one man team, I think you'll find thats liverpool, god help them if G La get injured

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Like the title of the thread...new name for the RS if they get bought out by Dubai...the Shi'ites :lol: . Anyway (like I've said elsewhere) I'm gonna be in a plane for the whole game due to poor planning by an Easyjet scheduler but I fully expect to have at least a point waiting for me on the ground, Liverpool gonna be over anxious and we'll have a comfortable afternoon. 0-0.

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spurs was meant to be last weds wasnt it?


defo called off thou, because they had a cup game with the arse.


Zed - i dont think its because AJ is injured that we all seem to think the worst. for me its due the the thumping we game them and due to the current form they are in, and only conceding 3 goals at home in the league. i know its a derby and the form book goes out the window, but the confidence doesnt

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