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World Cup 2018- England?

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Said in NOTW yesterday that England may get the world cup in 2018, its along way off but it would be class.

Though i must say io cannot see us doing half as good a job as gemrnay did for this world cup. The organisation was unbelievably good and there were certain aspects of it you just wouldn't see happen over here. Such as the train set up, (if you had world cup tickets you had free train use for the day of the game)


What does everyone else think of this and which stadiums do you think would get used? bearing in mind that both us and the shite may have new stadiums by then, however the new wembly will probably still not be ready... i heard that it should be ready for FA Cup Final 2030

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it would be nice to get it


but i really think germany have set the bar unobtainably high!

germany has always had a bad reputation since the wars and all, but by all account they did so much good for thier country in them 4 weeks.

i honestly think we would be an embarrasment in comparison!

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