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Everton Games In Nyc


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Just wondering if anyone on here is in NYC. I'm wondering where the best place is it to watch the matches. Specially with the derby this weekend. Ive been watching them mostly at Nevada Smiths, with a decent crowd but but Im wondering if theres any particular bar in the city that is dominantly Evertonian. I'll be watching at The Kinsale (93 & 3rd) otherwise if anyone wants to come out. COYB!!!!!

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Can't say I do live or will be watching it in NYC, would love too though.


""decent Crowd""


Are there many Evertonians in NYC then?


No unfortunately not many, 15 or so each weekend... more than I've seen at other bars so far. Thats why im asking, i know theyre out there.



you would probably be best asking on the toffeeweb forum as their all American


Thanks, will do.

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B shall we call you Tony or Gordon ? :)


Believe theres an Everton Bar In Chicago ( And offic supporters club) - Not that the bar would be would be any good to you

I watched the Bolton away game there last season whilst on holiday (The Globe). Sad to say it wasn't really an Everton bar as such. There were a couple of Everton shirts on the wall but also hundreds of other football/sports shirts.


I thought Nevada Smiths was a Man Utd bar? I watched the shiite v the Mancs a few years back seem to remember the walls were full of Manc memorobilia. There's a bar on the main Street into Greenwich Village near the little park thing which was the redshite supporters club so guess it would be on there but would maybe only advise if we're winning wth seconds to spare.


Will try to find out!!

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All i know is I was in NYC about 2 yrs ago and watched prem footy but was never sure if it was live!

It was called 'the irish bar' (imaginative :rolleyes: ) and i'd guess it was roughly on 55th & 8th.


Oops, just re-read your original post - if there's a crowd of you, don't bother...the place can only handle about 15!

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Well, heres pretty much the roundup... im from the US... which means i'm one of about 30 football fans (although its growing). So basically if theres a pub with a game on, it more than likely supports man u, chelsea, arsenal or the shite. they seem to be the bandwagon teams for the US for whatever reason. Usually however, if they show one live game they'll show them all, its just a matter of finding one with more everton supporters than not... I'm still looking. I do enjoy watching the games in the presence of the opponents though, gets me going, but I'd love to watch it with a bunch of evertonians much more.

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You might have some luck here:






http://www.efcscna.com/ suggests the following pubs in NYC


Nevada Smiths


74 Third Avenue (Between 11th and 12th Streets)


New York City, NY


+1 (212) 982-2591


Specialties: Worlds most famous live football venue and home from home for many stars! Visit www.nevadasmiths.net or call for schedule. (Caters to Redsh*ite and Chelsea fans)

The Kinsale Tavern

1672 3rd Avenue

New York, NY 10128

Phone: +1 (212) 348-4370

Specialties: English Premier League and FA Cup, English and Irish national teams, and FOX Sports World telecasts.

The Red Lion

151 Bleecker Street

New York, NY 10012


Black Sheep Pub

428 Bergen street (corner of 5th ave)

Park Slope, Brooklyn, Ny 11217


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aye, the yahoo group looks promising, I'll check that out. teh other link im already familiar with, I know where to watch the games, i was just seeing if theres anywhere specific thats better to watch an everton match. Thanks for all the help everyone.

One more to add to the list - McCormacks on 3rd Ave between 26th and 27th streets.

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