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Sick Days


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when i started work at my place, i was informed that i wouldnt get our 5 sick days until after a year of service, due to the fact that nught turn used to abuse them,so every new starter had to agree to this, ive been there over a year now, and then suddenly its up to 5 years. so me, a mate of mine, and some other lad who joined late last year are the only workers out of a staff of around 20/30 who dont get them, aaaaaaaaanyway, us 3 have since been promoted and trained up and are now earning just as much as everyone else, the only problem is that whenever we're ill we just dont get paid,ive got the flu now, was off today and im off tomorrow and my pay will be considerably downsized next week,anyone else reckon this is a tad unfair?i brought it up in an appraisal last week with management and they seemed to agree and said that he'd get back to me in a months time, although he did say to me off the record that they might be getting rid of sick days altogether,but i pointed out to him that doing that would probably cause more uproar with the rest of the works, any thoughts?


ps. my dad said that if i stayed off tomorrow then i just wouldnt be allowed to go out or see faye or anything, even though its clearly my day off and ill do what i want with it, and i personally think that lying in bed with faye in her house will be more therapeutic that lying in my own bed on my own,pining away, plus he also seems to negate the fact that im 20 years of age and able to make my own decisions, but my dads a bit of a tit anyway :D


THOUGHTS?! and no, im not pissed!

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I Dont get sickies either mate.


Signed my soul over in an Enterprise bargaining deal with employer. ( other benefits counter act)


But I can have time off with full pay etc if sick or cant be assed - Weird I no but is all to do with giving up my Overtime rights as well.


Stil lhave to work o/t just dont get paid 4 it.

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Our company give you 10 paid days a year, if you dont take the they accumulate ( just incase you have a serious problem) up to 50 days


But we have this Bradford index score, and if your off a certain number of days x number of times off you can face a disiplinary (cust out poeple taking days here and there)


If yuour not late in a 4 months period and not off sick you get a 60 bonus, if you manage to do this for 12 moths you get 3 x 60 plus an exta 60


peanuts, but as tesco say "every litle helps"


p.S I am off sick today with the flu also :lol:


Sound a bit shit if others get benefits that you dont and if they try and take sickies off people who have it in their contract they havnt got a fuckin chance.




Contact ACAS

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