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Richard Prior


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I'm glad that wonderfull comedian graced us with his presence. Too bad I wasnt that clever or funny..................... :lol:


OK, sorry if anyone took offense to my so-called "blatant racism" that was edited by a mod, I was just following in Pryors own footsteps. Racism was part of his routine, and to quote him


"I decided to make it my own, Nigger. I decided to take the sting out of it. Nigger. As if saying it over and over again would numb me and everybody else to its wretchedness."


I'm a huge fan of him and his comedy style. He was brutal, and my post was a tribute to that. Sorry if anyone took it the wrong way. Maybe I expected too much.


"People can't always handle it, but I knew that if you tell the truth it's going to be funny,"

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Fair play 2 ya mate just have to consider all & sundrie.


Whilst yes Prior was a pioneer in regards to Afro American's being able to laff @ them selves & did refer to himself & his own as N's & all sorts.


Can see where you were coming from...However, Cultural literacy & not on the ball types (yes inc Pat) could easily have read negatively & missed the boat regarding your tribute.


However, we Have to consider all & remember is a public forum & web space.


no offence taken my end..fair play 2 ya..

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