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I Know This Is Late But...

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To be fair, he was decent just had a lot of injury problems and suspensions. Although he treated the club like mugs and Walter Smith refused to play him, so he went back to Croatia whilst being paid 30k a week and only played in internationals. The club cut their losses as he still had 3yrs on his contract gave him a £1million pay off.

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Dacourt was brilliant. I was upset to see him leave. He loved it at the club although he did recommend Nyarko to us so it's not all good. Nyarko is playing in the Swiss second division now after costing us around 4million (more including wages)..



I couldnt stand Nyarko, wasn;t there a incident when our fans where accused of racism against him becuase we was verbally accosted in a game, when it turned out that the guy was only saying he wasn't fit to wear the shirt.

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Jamie.. it's true.. Some fan walked on at highbury and vented his frustrations to Nyarko, Tony Adams marched him off the pitch. The shirt was black and Nyarko was wrong to jump to the wrong conclusion.




Personally I can't blame him for jumping to the wrong conclusion, I went to a game (can't remember who it was against) and I was sitting in the Gwladys Street with people from school and there was a group of lads behind the goal in front of us and after a Nyaro shot was saved, missed or went wide (can't remember), one of them shouted "useless monkey" and another was "fuck off back to Ghana ya chimp"... sticks in my mind.


When you have your own fans shouting that at you, you wouldn't want to play for the club. Would you?

good point, but he was crap wasn't he!

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Billic was a class defender, that we never saw a skerick of in the royal Blue.


The theatrics was the World cup semi final he got Deschamps sent of fer a horrific dive, sniper shot, wounded face the whole deal & DD ( Capt of France @ time) missed the world cup final.


Didier D never touched Billic & I doubt sends Slaven a Xmas card.


Billic never lived down the shame ( deserved shame @ that) & raped us for all he could knowing I believe he was heading out of the game.


So he ended up a world class cnut.


Nyarko was the new VIERA. Well Arsene said so.


Dacourt, very very good, but a mercenary bitch @ his worst.

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