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Shearer At It Again


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every game he's been on telly, he has done it to somebody, and when that nonleager in the cup match done it back to him, he was crying to the reporters & cameras that "he's deliberately done me".




I say if you give it, you should be able to take it, without crying like a baby.

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has blasted Newcastle striker Alan Shearer for his physical approach to the game.

The former England star was criticised by the Frenchman after Saturday’s 1-0 win over Arsenal, and Wenger now suggests he will not be shedding any tears when, if as expected, Shearer retires at the end of the season.


"Will I miss him? I don’t even know him. He has never been my player so I have no comment to make on that," said Wenger.


"Shearer is an example of a man who, when the ball is in the air, goes for the man first. We have to decide: do we want football or to make it into a judo party?


"I have nothing against physical football but I found Newcastle’s approach difficult to accept. I am talking about the intention when they go for the ball."


He added: "There is now a belief in the game that if you go physical with Arsenal you can win because the referees let you do it. I feel that many teams now go overboard and don’t let us play football.


"We tried to play football and were punished for it. The intentions of the two teams were surprising considering we were down to ten men and they had 11.


"We must take this defeat on the chin but I wouldn’t want to face this kind of game all year.


"Some people say they enjoy it but I don’t."




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