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essays to write, quite a few , even still got a while to hand them in you know its best to get them out the way now so you dont have to do what you always do and leave them to the last minute but you cant be arsed and you start using delying tactics such as posting pointless threads


Well im having one of them moments now

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I work well under pressure.


i second that,i dont think i ever did an assignment or coursework early when i was in school or college,just left it til the day before which was usually a sunday (Dont you just hate those sundays stuck in and letting your writing hand ache all day?!) im so glad i dont go uni! got to be a hypocrite here though and say ian get your work done!ill ban you until youve got it done:P let the TT homework club begin!

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I used 2 & still do now for Tech reports @ work etc, Write my Intro or Prognosis/Thesis & then Conclusion/results/ 1st.


Then fill in the gaps via the body - Works 4 me as It sorts out the pending information in regards to, importance, Worthy of mention or trivial -> then no what has to be in the body & saves going off track with trivial or unessc waffle.


Decpihering the good from useless info can Ive found be a major in producing a killer document.


( until of course U get to big industry, where pretty colours & pictures impress the suits more often than not LOL )

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I was laughin in Jan cos all my mates had an arse load of essays to do and i had one, two exams and that was me!! jokes on me now cos it turns out im gona have a bout 5 to do, to be handed in at similar times!!! bugger!! Still finished my first film project so that was nice, ill post it on here if anyone fancys a gigle?


Bah, lazy film students. ;)


But, yeah mate might as well :P

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damn coursework. i hate it, one tip never ever ever leave it to the last minute. i did last year when in school. i had to do 4 massive ones for history, 2 for english, one for geography and one for ict. i did them like but i was ill from lack of sleep. i had to stay behind every night and everythin, one thing i regret was not doing it on time.

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Nah mate, it's an anal thing. All my assignments were done, bound and ready as soon as I get them done.


I like to give myself some sliptime to tweak if needed.






I got annoyed the other day when my mate described me as an anal person, but I suppose I am really. Like you said if you do your stuff early youve got time to change and improve things

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Don't be sooooooooooooo boring. :P


This is a conversation I once had with my housemates, well something like this.

Housemate, "You out tonight for a few drinks, Matt?"

Me, "Nah, better get me work done"

Housemate, "Whens it in?"

Me, "Tomorrow :huh: "

Housemate, "Don't be such a [not a nice word], god, Matt your such a let down"

(Shouts to others housemates that I'm not coming out)

Housemates then moan and moan until one says

"I'm goin the shop to get some beers in, I'll get ya some cans Matt as your coming out"


I ended up going out, coming home doing my essay still drunk (great tip if your having trouble starting one), falling asleep by mistake and handing it in late anyway.


And before anyone says, see you should have done it earlier so you could go out in the first place. Everytime I plan on doing it early we always end up going the pub instead otherwise I get laughed at if I plan on doing it before the final week. I still manage to do well though so must be doing something right.


'Live the dream' is our house motto.

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I have finished my degree now but in my final year when i was doing my Disertation i spent too much time "planning" (it was an essay about tim burton and i kept watching batman, beatlejuice and nightmare before christmas pretending that it was research) Though left my self no time to write it. Started on a wednessday afternoon worked all through the night and the next day then went out the next night to a club for my girlfriends birthday and then came back from the club and finished it off while pissed. Bare in mind i didn't sleep at all in between.


needless to say it was shit and i got a crap grade.


had fun though :P

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