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The Academy Plan...


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I made this myself with my elite photoshop skills. ;)




If you want to see it in google earth the post code is L26 3UE. The full address of the academy is most likely going to be.


Everton Academy

Finch Lane



L26 3UE


Apparently the FA threatened to remove the 'academy' status as the facilities were not upto scratch at Bellefield. This new academy is going to be so much better than the one in Netherton which only had one grass pitch which is not allowed to be trained on because it's used for matches - the players trained on astro turf.


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The new complex includes 10 full-size grass pitches, one of which will be floodlit along with an additional floodlit synthetic pitch and specialist training areas for fitness work and goalkeepers.


Inside the training complex there will be extensive changing facilities for both the senior squad and the Academy players. It will include the following facilties:



Synthetic indoor training pitch

Hydratherapy pools



Physiotherapy rooms

Media centre

Video lounges including a video editing suite.


The state-of-the-art facilities on offer will make Everton a big draw for future signings and will also provide a boost in the development of the Club's Academy players.

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Considering this is due to open in about 5 weeks, I'm suprised there isn't any propper photo's going round yet. If anyone anyone find any please post them.


No one is allowed to take photos in the Academy grounds for security reasons. You will find some photos on the Everton webs though.

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Your not allowed to take photo's for security reasons and they dont really want people wandering round flashing cameras. The only time you can get a photo is if you ask one of the coach's, or just get a team photo. I haven't been to the Academy since February 2007, anyone know what happened to that massive mound of mud at the entrance :mellow:

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No, they used that behind the astro-turf pitches, that was completed around about January 2008 and is used for that purpose, strengthening legs. The mound I mean is at the entrance next to the first football pitch, it was just a large hill that didn't look like anything was going to happen to it. Maybe they turned it into something magical :D

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