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Captain Pip

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Im not convinced one needs a VC in this day & age.


Keep a few aspirants on their toes & cross that bridge when the need be.


Cahill would be an Obv nom, Would Yobo thrive on more repsonsb ?


If Stubbs was/is still here next term, a Club & Team Captain could be a sollution.


Arteta may even fancy a chop.


Further food for thought is a VC or senior roll could be dangled @ a player whose contract may be nearing it's end as an extra incentive.


Many permuatations, :)

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I've always preferred a centre back to be the captain. Don't know why ;)


Think he sees more of the game (apart from GK but hes too far away) and can see where midfielders are strikers need a good kick up the arse...

I agree with the CB thing.


Think lescott would be ace in this role when he is more stable in the team. I think Yobo would be good as well in the vice-role, he hasn't missed a single minute of Prem football this season has he?


but as for motivation it should go to cahill, dont know how much yobo can get the team going? and i don't think arteta would be a good VC, don;t know why just don't think he is the type of personality that would relish the captins role.

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Even though Nev is a good captain Id defo say no him. imo when we have a positive 11 4-4-2 formation out i wouldnt have him in our first 11 if Fernandes turns out good. He really pisses me off with passes that go to no one and defensively Hibbert is a way better tackler etc.. Back to the topic, Id have either Cahill, Lescott, Yobo, Hibbert as captain.


I wouldnt go with Arteta, even though he is a class act i dont think he has near enough leadership skills. I think people seem to want good players captain instead of an actual Leader like Stubbs who yes will probably retire next season and we can thank for many years of a die for the badge attitude.

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the biggest case for Pip is that he organises things (like Stubbs, but ideally Stubbsy wont be playing) and if someone needs to be told then he does the telling, and he still has the manc trait in him to make sure the ref knows when hes fucked up, the rest of our team dont get at the ref enough for me (Weir never did it either)

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on experience alone its gotta be neville. jesus, i remember when he was playing with man u. him and his brother just had the kinda face you'd like to smack. i think roy keane in his autobiog referred to them as 'a pair of busy c*nts'. in fairness gary is class(still like to smack him tho) and phil has proven to be one of moyes' best buys.


after that i'd like to see cahill get the arm band. seen the guy in interview a number of times and he always speaks so highly of the club. he always makes it known that its a real honour for him to play for the club in front of such loyal fans. and he doesn't forget where he came from either. remember how he didn't celebrate his goal against milwall? sign of a class act. he's a real ambassador for the club.


its a real head vs heart think this captaincy. phils been with a really sucessful club and you can see that with the way he plays on the pitch. great leadership skills. . but cahill. i really feel that he loves the spirit at the club. that he picks up on the vibe.


and just so no one forgets....stubbs was the ultimate leader in anfield the last day. and thats a good sign for the club that we have a number of players who can take responsibility and show the way forward to others.


we are the peoples club, and i think theres a few out on that pitch who know what that means.

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Working Class boy from a Working class area is Mr Cahill & he aint ever going to loose that I feel.


He apreciates & displyas finely his life groundings learnt from Sydney's ruff & tumble Outer Western Suburbs. (shithole)


He also Take's in to account his parents Hocking the home & car to get him over here in the early years.


And thanks his lucky stars everday for his rewards in life.


Also here he shares it about with the family 2 & feels indebted to his parents eternaly.


The boy has Everton written all over him even though he may as well be from another planet.

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I think Neville needs to learn to pass a fuckin football before he will ever get the respect needed to captain Everton if you look back Evertons captains have a history of being the type of player you can rely on and for me Neville (although willing to play anywhere) is a poor excuse for a good footballer.


I watched the england game last night and every time he picked the ball up he took 2 steps forward and played a stupid ball forward which ment lost possession 80% of the time, how many times have we seen that this season?


My vote goes to TC!

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I watched the england game last night and every time he picked the ball up he took 2 steps forward and played a stupid ball forward which ment lost possession 80% of the time, how many times have we seen that this season?


wow, some1 else has spotted this, i dont like going against everton players but his passing is awful. But I have to say he did play alrite in the derby.

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