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Stubbs Speaks out


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Sky sports news this morning:


Stubbs said that he wanted to stay but his contract extension included a clause relating to his cancer illness and he felt that he couldn't sign the deal and that no loyalty was shown by the club.


the club hit back saying that the clause was in his originaly contract and it remained as Stubbs refused to see a specialist to give him the 'all clear' so that the clause could be removed.


The clause - basically put, means that the club do not have to pay Stubbs should he become ill again. This seems harsh - but any company employs such a clause once somebody has had a long term illness that could come back. Its very standard and I bet you that YOUR company has similar policies. If he has belief that he is completley free for the foreseeable future, why did he not go and see the specialist? If stubbs was confident of his health, why would he not sign the deal even with the clause in place?


Its all very odd and I think that Stubbs has just gone and shot himself in the foot.


ANy thoughts?

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stubbs is a true blue, and he feels totally let down no doubt that a sensitive issue such as his history with cancer has been dealt with in a cold and clinical manner.


Aren't players insured???


The whole way in which this has come out only furthers my concerns as to how the powers that be operate, fortress fund, rooney sale, lack of signings, stating money is available for Owen, Baros etc. The club is not doing itself any favours - we are starting to look a PR joke

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Aren't players insured???





No, the club can not get insurance (as can any company) on employees who have had a critical illness. If you have a life insurance/assurance policy - please take the time to read about critical illness - you only get one shot at it and THAT'S IT.


stubbsy certainly, as an individual, will not be able to insure himself or even get life insurance for his family.


Its cruel, granted, but you have to look at it as though it would be you paying out the cash.


If you had to pay somebody for nothing it is a stomach wrenching experience - you are almost being ripped off. If you knew before hand that the person may have to be paid for nothing - you would think twice about hiring them.


This is what has happened - many clubs/companies wouldn't have touched Stubbs with a barge pole - the risk is too high.

In fact - if I remember correctly, Bolton had first refusal on stubbs and turnt it down - only for us to nip and get him - which was good at the time.

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