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Goodison Park In Pro Evo 7? Vote 'yes'


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Terrible isn't it.


As long as the most important stadiums, such as emirates, wembley, old trafford, anfield, villa park and st. james park from england and hampden from scotland are in, then i'm happy.
Ander another...


Wembley,Stamford bridge, Emirates, Quadrants at OT! and thats just England
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Nice one Aaron.. :D


We only need 30 odd more votes before it gets moved to the other forum... once its there lots of people will see it and start voting for it (hopefully).. trying my best to get the word around.. myspace & other forums - just hope people take notice.

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I don't think konami would bother putting Goodison in pro evo 7 because of the fact that it will probably be getting flattened in a couple of seasons !

Hopefully they will put the new stadium in a later edition of pro evo plus every other prem ground and have the rights for all english team names and players.

Its a brilliant game but it loses some credabiity because of all the stupid team names (i.e: mereyside blue), i think they should adress this issue then worry about the grounds.

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The vote has been closed because it turned into an argument where a RS was goading people.. you know what some of the idiots are like from bluekipper and someone went in argued back calling them 'murderers' and 'justice for the 39' and took off.. We only needed nine more posts too. It's a shame. Thanks for your efforts anyway.


I put a lot of effort into this to get the word around about the vote, posts on here, myspace, nsno and even kipper and I feel hard done by, it's just another classic case of Everton.. vocal minority ruin it for the majority.



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