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Andy Van Der Meyde Leaves?


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I believe this is a good decision made by Meyde.. but i cant understend why is so strange for many players the Everton's playing style.. In any casy i love our football spirit who can destroy even the strongest clubs and that is the fact that keeps us on the top of Englands biggest clubs.. If he cant undesrstend that he also cant be a part of our team.. I read that he quits on this link..

The only thing to fear is running out of beer

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MickO what's that all about? You've changed maaaaan....... leaving behind your slave name now Mr Mod?

:lol::lol: Only just noticed that...think I'd have posted exactly the same before I sold my soul to the ruling classes. Anyway I haven't changed and if anyone says different I'll ban him :angry::lol::lol: ..

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""Andy van der Meyde has revealed it is likely to be next season before Evertonians see the best of him.""



Yeah, to see his lumpy arse disappearing out the Door will be the best we see of him, Cheeky Bastard.


How much longer have we got to listen to this fella telling us how good he is, and start showing it...... twat. :angry:

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