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To All Our Eternal Flames


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Mizz V feels the same if not stronger.... We tell each other everyday no need for commercial entity's to force the issue via our wallets.



As the shop shelves empty from xmas str8 to easter eggs, with valentines day squeezed in the guts to fleece us as we just start getting on top of the annual xmas splurge.


Cynical, each to his own.


But I hate commercial driven occasions & choose not to be duped for this particular occasion or 1st quarter profit grab.


Though come fathers day & I get nothing ill be livid ;)

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Clever angle on the card thing, whilst best wishes for " A HAPPY & MOMENTUS ANNIVERSARY 2 BOTH ' T ' & YOURGOODSELF "


(Now thats a worthy occasion indeeed)



I Think Of valentines day as you would Cricket mate ( Boring, Overplayed & overated) :)

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Happy anniversary Mac & T :D


Absolutely...and happy everything you wish to celebrate (or not) to everyone! I stretch to a card on valentines but no more. It's only twelve days after my better half's birthday anyway....don't want to spoil her too much :lol: .


A fine call on the choice of wedding day Mac....I followed the same principal and got shackled married on my fortieth birthday...great minds eh?

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valentines day. tyhe most pointless day in the calender and i feel relieved that im single for this day. dont have to spend my money on summit pointless which i could do any other day of the year.


but happy aniversary mac.



you dont half sound bitter.



Happy anniversary to Mac + T. I hope you have many more years to celebrate.

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