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Dream Five-a-side

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Just been reading 4-4-2 and they have been having the five-a-side section with certain players dream 5-a-side teams


so what would be your dream current premiership team, your dream team of players still playing, and your dream team all time squad?



Im gonna think about mine first, just thought of this post while doing the dream band thing and thought why not

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Some players may seem out of position buts it 5-a-side so I've not cared much for positioning.


Current Prem squad...all playing a 1-2-1 formation

1. Given.

2. Rio Ferdinand. (don't rate him that much but think he'd suit 5-a-side)

3. Arteta.

4. C. Ronaldo.

5. Henry.


Still Playing squad.

1. Buffon.

2. Cannavaro. (Was going to put Maldini down but not sure if hes still playing)

3. C. Ronaldo.

4. Kaka.

5. Ronaldinho.


All time. (probab older generation think of a better team)

1. Buffon.

2. Paolo Maldini.

3. Maradona.

4. Zidane.

5. Van Basten/Baggio/Ronaldo [pre injury problems]. (Can't choose)


So many players to choose from found it very difficult so chose some of my favourite players rather than the best :) there are many players I like too :(

Left out some very good players, I know, but I have to limit to stuff I've actually seen a bit about. The likes of Zico, Pele and other players involved before 1980's I've never seen anything really so can't comment on them. Did want Bergkamp in there but no room :(


I'm just thankful (for this time only) I've never seen the greats as if reputations of those like Di Stefano, Gerd Muller, Johan Cruyff, Eusebio, etc. Damn I think Mikes team is gonna piss on mine...

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