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Not Long To Go

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Now its only a couple of weeks to and we are getting linked with everybody there's one thing saying who we would like at the club but its another thing to see who we actually get.




Andy Johnson- All depends if AJ puts in a transfer request to make the plane to Germany. With Palace near promotion places I can't see them wanting to sell.


David Nugent- I think he has enormous potential, when i've watched him in the league and for England 21's he is full of pace and an eye for goal. Would play off Beattie excellently.


Thomas Gravesen- We all know about Tommy. Although he is often inconsistent but the 6 months before he left showed what a quality player he is.I ultimately think his wages are way too high now unless we give him a big signing on fee. I do think we'll see him in January but in a red shirt.




David Nugent- I don't Moysie will get many players in January but i think an offer of £2 million with add ons for England squads and the like will get him.


What does everybody else think?

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Andy Johnson

David Nugent...or Lee Trundel

Steed Malbranque

Anti Niemi...or Cudicini

Plus some cover for right and left back. Tooo much to ask for methinks.






A couple of foriegners we've never heard of.............on loan.

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Who would I like.


AJ or Keane


Phil Jag something from Sheffield.

A goalkeeper - Niemi will do

And like Toffeelicker said cover for right back (think we have enough at left back with Valente, Ferrari, Psitone, Neville and Naysmith)


Who do I think we will get ----


A new tea lady and pie salesman


maybe Nugent and thats it

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Had we started the season the way we're playing now I think the clamour for loads of new players would be much quieter. I would like Tommy back certainly but I'd be content with a quality striker. Johnson would be my choice although if we could stretch to Nugent as well that'd be good. I'm still undecided on the keeper issue, we've already got four and IF teflon keeps to the same standard he did at Old Trafford then..like I said..unsure.

My alternative master plan (which I intend to put into action any day now), is to have a word with those scientists who cloned Dolly the sheep. I've been stalking Bob Latchford with a pair of scissors for some time now and finally managed to snip off a lock of his hair in Tesco's last night!! I've got a North Korean laboratory on stand by but I need help with the funding..anyone got BK's mobile number?

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