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Hi everyone my name is Joe and I am a huge Everton supporter. I am from California but going to school on the the U.S/ Canadian border. I currently do not know any other Everton supporter here in the states, since everyone seems to follow the big four, but plan on attending a game in August. It is nice to come to a place where I can discuss the club with other supporters. That is about it.



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When I started watching the Premiership I didn't have a favorite team. Hardly any of my friends or family follow football and I didn't want to become a supporter of the big 4. The more and more I watched, I noticed I was really starting to pull for Everton because of the way they played. I eventually started watching Everton every week they were on tv and if they weren't I would stream the games online. There is no better club in the world to support than Everton.

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