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Kenwright In Investment Talks?

Romey 1878

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I've heard the following names mentioned: Mike McComb, David McLean and George Downing.


McComb made his millions through selling his mobile phone store company to BT Cellnet in 2000.


George Downing opened a snooker club in Liverpool at the age of 17. When his partner bought him out, he turned to buying and refurbishing terraced houses.


The most notable of his portfolio are the Port of Liverpool Building, one of the waterfront's 'three graces', the Radison SAS scandinavian hotel and he also pioneered the idea of students living in the city centre so built several student homes buildings which have recently been sold to Union.


George Downing purchased Leicesters Filbert Street and turned into student homes, does the same fate await Goodison? It would certainly help redevelop the area..


David Mclean - Property developer from Flint. Founder of the David McLean construction group.


I don't know if it's true or not though.

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To be honest don't think there is anything much in this - but one thing is for sure, we are going to need massive investment, just to keep up.



Man Utd,


West Ham,

Aston Villa,



Have all be sold of late with the idea of regenerating the clubs financially, and we haven't yet, come against the new spending might of three of these clubs. You watch the price of player in out current spending bracket rocket next summer, now Villa, West ham and Liverpool have all tis extra cash to spend.


You add Arsenal, Newcastle and Spurs to that lot listed and I would say we at LEAST 10th in the Premiership when it comes to possible transfer spending, maybe lower.


So at this current time I would say we need massive investment just to stay competative in the top half of the Prem, never mind push up the leauge


This has been a big season when it comes to other club getting more financial clout, and the reprocusions of this investment has not yet hit Everton FC, but it will.


On the plus side - The Premiership is the league that investers seem to be drawn to - and considering the clubs that are now left to be bought up- we must surly be one of the more attractive options.


Lets watch this space

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If Wigan get themselves relegated maybe Dave Whelan might transfer his allegiance, to stay in the prem. :)

very much doubt he would switch allegiance, though we do have a business link with JJB. Dave Whealan is 100% Wigan at the moment. really can't see him mumping ship if they get relegated



and aaron, i think thats a good point about money not always bring success. The problem is that success very rarley comes without money.


West Ham have been badly affected by the "media circus" that surrounded them. Think that with the current footballing climate we do need an investment to move the club forwards, though there is also the problem with unsetteling the team and making poor purchases.

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west ham, lots of investment, and yet we are above them by a mile.

Aston villa, some investment, and above them

Pompy, major investment, win tomorrow and we are above them.


at the end of the day, we have never been able to sign the huge playboy style footballers, and to be honest, i hope we never do. everton fc is about team work. getting the best out of players as a unit, rather than a team worth 100million. money isnt the key to anything remember that!


A few seasons ago, when we finished 4th, we had marcus bent and bt upfront. But it wasnt about them as our strike force, it was about the way we played as a team, and won games. i for one hope we carry on the way we are, getting 2 or 3 decent players every window, and building on that. i think it will benifit Everton FC a great deal in the long run.

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believe this rumour.


a blue has been asked to broker a deal for 51% of the club.

its thought its from an irish property developer (maybe mclean) but nothing has been said about who it is.

£46.5m is being thrown around as the figure.


its one of the fellas ive mentioned on here before about trying to buy out BK with BK not returning phone calls again


and its never going to be on the OS

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What I really can't understand is how the fuck do Man City have FOUR groups battling to buy the club and we struggle to find ONE to give us a go?


well we do have one who wants to give us a go, like said earlier, its not just a rumour.


man city are in manchester!!! that is a major market, much more attractive tahn liverpool, they have the new stadium, good corporate facilities, and now manchester has got the super casino coming the economic boom they've had over the last 5 or so years will grow even more

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That's all true but their debt is a alot more than ours, surely we are more attractive than that shite?


i dont know anythin about their debt, but to an investor that could be irrelevant.


if the club is worth say £50m today with £20m of debt they buyer could just leave the debt as it is (let the day to day running cover the repayments) then in 5 years time they could sell the club in the same state its in now and have a massive profit due to the manchester super casino and there is quite a few london companies relocating to manchester too

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Man City are actually one of the wealthy clubs. they are in the top 20 wealthiest clubs in the world


1.Real Madrid 292.2 million euros

2 Barcelona 259.1

3 Juventus 251.2

4 Manchester United 242.6

5 AC Milan 238.7

6 Chelsea 221.0

7 Inter Milan 206.6

8 Bayern Munich 204.7

9 Arsenal 192.4

10 Liverpool 176.0

11 Olympique Lyon 127.7

12 AS Roma 127.0

13 Newcastle United 124.3

14 Schalke 04 122.9

15 Tottenham Hotspur 107.2

16 Hamburg SV 101.8

17 Manchester City 89.4

18 Rangers 88.5

19 West Ham United 86.9

20 Benfica 85.1

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