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Simon Jordan

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Simon Jordan has advised David Sullivan to "stop moaning about Birmingham fans" and leave St Andrew's if he is unhappy after the club's co-owner criticised the club's "appalling" crowds and lack of atmosphere.


Jordan, the Crystal Palace owner and chairman, has been feuding with the Birmingham hierarchy - Sullivan and Ralph and David Gold -since Steve Bruce left for St Andrew's in 2001 and, as the clubs prepare to meet at Selhurst Park this afternoon, the war of words re-erupted.


"Sullivan said that Birmingham had cost them £10m," said Jordan. "But, as I understand it, he has somewhere around £500m, so what is the problem? I'm trying to look at this in a caring way for David, so instead of ****ing and moaning about the fans, why doesn't he just leave?


"He keeps saying this. I think he just wants to be loved - maybe that's why he sells strap-ons? My theory is that he wasn't breast fed as a child and he needs some love. But who would want the love of Birmingham fans anyway?"


Sullivan made much of his estimated £595m from pornography and Jordan previously threatened to "impale myself on one of their *****s" if he again hears the story of how the Golds are East End boys "made good".


"I do have a dislike for David Gold but with Sullivan it's fun," said Jordan, who was responding to Sullivan's description of him as a "frustrated actor who wants to be Ray Winstone".


"He [Jordan] is an individual - he says a lot of things," Sullivan had said. "I don't know why he wants to say bad things about people all the time. He said he wants to punch me in the face. In his boardroom he hides in one corner and has his little entourage and doesn't speak to anybody. Very strange."


Sullivan said that he bumped into Jordan while on holiday in Marbella. "I met him with my little boys." He said: 'What do you expect from people who sell *****s for a living", so my little eight-year-old said, 'What's a dill-doss, dad?'


"I said, 'I understand you want to punch me in the face' and he said, 'No.' I get on all right with him. He doesn't worry me at all - I'm a non-violent person."


According to Jordan, Sullivan started the conversation in Marbella by getting his son to ask him what a "dill-doss" was. "I don't want to beat David Sullivan up - anyway, I would have to get on my knees if I wanted to land an upper-cut."


Jordan recently appeared on the ITV show Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway and Sullivan said: "You don't go on all sort of TV programmes unless you are a frustrated actor. He would like to be a media personality."Jordan responded by saying Sullivan wished he was Danny De Vito.


"No one wants to see his [sullivan's] ugly mug on the television," he said. "Why would I want to be an actor? I've always turned down shows like Celebrity Big Brother or Celebrity Love Island. I did the show because it was something new and I think in life you should take the chance to try new things."


Sullivan also accused Jordan of wasting Birmingham's money by ordering extra places in the boardroom at St Andrew's and then not showing up. "This is the sort of thing Simon does," he added.


Jordan replied: "Why would I ask for extra seats when I don't like being in boardrooms?"

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