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Government Tells Fa To Stop Thinking About Hosting World Cup 2018

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'FA can't be trusted to run World Cup bid'


Denis Campbell and Jamie Jackson

Sunday February 18, 2007

The Observer


The Football Association will not be allowed to run England's likely bid to host the 2018 World Cup because of the inept way they handled the ill-fated attempt to secure last year's tournament. The government is not prepared to let Soho Square organise and control any campaign for 2018 because senior figures do not believe the FA's top brass can handle a task of such scale and complexity.


'The FA can't be trusted to run any bid on their own, that's absolutely right,' said a well placed Whitehall insider who has been involved in securing Prime Minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown's high-profile backing for a bid. 'It's too big a job for the FA. It involves security, tourism, transport, Britain's reputation on the world stage and other things that aren't their job usually, so other people will be involved.'


David Davies, the FA's recently departed executive director, told Observer Sport last night that the FA and government should follow the example of London's successful pitch to land the 2012 Olympics. In that race the British Olympic Association were the organisation that formally bid for the event, but the campaign was orchestrated by an independent team headed by Lord Coe.


'What are the lessons to be learned from the failed 2006 World Cup bid and the successful London 2012 campaign? That the latter was run by a stand-alone organisation which was highly-successful,' said Davies. 'Although of course football must be properly represented.'


Ministers' reluctance to entrust the FA with a bid could lead to fresh tension, following government unhappiness that the FA have taken so long to implement the extensive reforms proposed in the independent Burns Report.


The London 2012 model is widely admired in government and an organisation along those lines is likely to be set up once the FA decide formally to bid. Brown will seek support for England's campaign when he meets Fifa president Sepp Blatter in London on 28 February.


Meanwhile, with London staging the Olympics and so many other big sporting events coming or possibly coming to Britain in the decade from 2009, the government may appoint a Minister for Major Events to oversee progress. Cricket's Twenty20 World Cup is coming in 2009, with the full World Cup in 2019. The Rugby World Cup is likely to be held in Britain in 2015 and Glasgow is in the running to stage the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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I'd rather see it hosted in Oz. Less roadworks and hype here :D. Im of the minority who loved it when the world cup was hosting the competition and when you got up in the morning it was footy and once it turned 11am you had the day to yourself !
Thats how it is like every weekend for me :lol: . Wake up at 4:30 am ,if Everton are the early game, and by 11am all the Premiership games are done. I would love if games were on at night here.
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The Watford game is a 3.10am K/o my end this weekend. ( been spolit with erly 11.30 k/o's of late)


A real damned if you do & damned if dont kind of thing in regards to going to bed or staying up.


But regardless ...........Ill be in front of the box :)

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I was really hoping the World Cup would come to North America in 2018. The U.S, Canada and even Mexico would be great. I went to the 94 WC but was too young to really appreciate it

doubt that north america will have 2018 as i read that 2014 is going to be in south america and i doubt they would have it in the americas two tournaments running.


if we are to have a decent chance of getting 2018 then we need to appoint someone who knows what the hell he is doing to spearhead it. Like Gemrnay did with Beckenbaur.


would love it to be held over here but, as i have said in another post, cannot see it being done anywhere near as well as germany hosted it. cannot see anyone hosting it as well as they did to be honest.


australia would be a good place to hold it, i love the excitement of when its held in a new continent. for one the the host nation embraces it becassue its new and exctitng and then for us, watching at home, i like waking up at silly times to watch footy. staying up until ridiculous o'clock for the ashes last year was fun (even if the ashes themselves was not so fun)

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