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Australian A-league - Championship Final Match


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Goals: - A. Thompson '20 '29 '39 '56 '72 / K. Sarkies '93


Venue: Telstra Dome ( Melbourne) Att: 55,463


( Top 4 play off in a finals series, culminating in Grand Final for Championship)


Melbourne: - Awarded Championship & Premiership titles ( Finshing top

of league in regular season) & Qual for ACL ( Asian champions League)



Adelaide: - Also Qual: ACL



Talking points: - Ross Aloisi Adelaide Capt sent of after 30 mins.


Melbourne already leading 2-0 & tonking them all over park by then.


Tim Cahills Best mate int he world " Archie ( I actually invented the corner

flag boxing celeb) Thompson "scores FIVE Times in the match.


Timmy pop's up on telly to wish well...Awwwwww sweeet.


P@t's Quick Overview : Melbourne finished 15 or so + points ahead of

2nd ( Adelaide) in regular season, deserved Champions & did it in style.

Genuinely enjoyed the spectacle, Supporters were great, atmosphere electric,

Stadium Fantastic ( It rained so they shut the roof- mid match, Magic Stuff)



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Tv match . Melbourne is some 3,000 kms from me.


Talk about weird set ups & 1 that is very wrong.


This ACL - starts in a fortnight & Melbourne dont get to play untill next years ( due to a weird qual date in Asian fed) So Sydney & Adelaide, last yrs Champs & runner up play in this terms ACL.


Whilst Melbourne the best team in Oz by a country mile have to wait 12 mnths.


Ludicrous, that the 4th best team from this season Sydney - will play in this yrs tournie.


Melbourne would have beena decent chance, Sydeny Fc is a club in turmoil, players left, Terry Buthcer sacked (manager).


Adelaide I think have a kinder draw, but Sydney have the champions of both Japan ( Urawa Reds ) & China ( shangdong sumfin) in their group.


With Japan, Korea & China having the bigger leagues in Asia, I think it will be tuff for the 2 Oz clubs, in Australian clubs first foray in to this competition.


Though sending the best team would help.

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Foxtel (Pay TV) has tied up the Australian A-league contract for the next 4 years - which sucks big time. Even though football (round ball game) is gaining popularity, it's only australian rules and rugby that is on free-to-air television. The grand final match was sold out in about a day.

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Hi Guys,


Im going to be travelling around the world from March and was wondering what times the australian leauge runs from and until. I want to try and go to see a football game on each contintent.

Im gonna be in Australia between the end of April and throughout May, (also going to Thialand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, New Zealand, Fiji, and America... sweet)


how much do tickets usually cost?



any info would be much appreciated,



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