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Troubles At West Ham

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According to NOTW yesterday it has been ruled that West Ham have broken Fifa ruling in the signings of the two argies. No punishment has yet been set though it is extremly likely that a point deduction will be in place (likely 6 points).


What are peoples thoughts on this?


personally i think if they've broken the rules then tey have to suffer the consequences, and if AFC Wimbeldon got screwed over then so should WHU.


also could be some interesting signings available iof they go down.


Dean Ashton or A cheap etherington anyone?

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hope they go down, they have a few decent players in their ranks. id take ashton, niell, reo-coker and konchelski. last season i would have said anton ferdinand but this season hes absalute shite, i know reo-coker has been shit too but has shown a few times hes a decent player.

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I like Reo-Coker though think he would want to stay in london, can see him going to Arsenal/Spuds.


Think Ashton would be an ace signing, though if we could get him would be a different question.


I know some peolpe dont rate him but i still Think that Etherington would be worth a shout though. Would be a good squad player and would be able to get him on the cheap, i imagine. if we could get him for say £1.5m maximum think he would be a good purchase.


Koncheski maybe worth a shot as well, seems to be out of favour with Curbs.


Though my favourite westham player has to be beniyoun. Though i dont think we need him.

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