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The Jam


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The Jam are reforming for a tour in May (though without Paul Weller),

it will be the first time they have performed in any form for 25 years.


Would love it if they fully reformed at one point, but this tour will be awesome too.


Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckley are both incredible musicians and this would well be worth going to.


I can't go as im going to be in Thialand but still...





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still think it would be worth going to see. thoough just think your not going to see the jam, because your not seeing the jam. but to see the two of them perform would still be good.


if i was in the country i would defo go, im a massive jam fan and to see them in any form would be good because i wasn't around when they first where.

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Short claim to fame time. When I was about 15/16 I (briefly) played rhythm guitar in a band called Smart Alec. Due to the fact that I was more interested in girls and drink (and not a great guitarist either) I was replaced by a guy called Ed Bazalgette who shortly after left with Howard Smith (drums) to become half of The Vapors, who were then "discovered" and managed by Bruce Foxton. Massive hit with "Turning Japanese" and a fair amount of success (mostly overseas) followed. So I was nearly famous :lol: .

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